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Saturday, December 04, 2004

DLA and Piper vote to merge

See how dedicated we are to you? We could be out drinking heavily right now, but instead we're drinking heavily here at home and patiently waiting to confirm that DLA and Piper Rudnick have voted to merge, which they have. And they're really going with the name DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary. Man, Freidenrich got the raw end of this deal.

In contrast to yesterday's post, the New York Times says that D'Piper G will have 2700 attorneys... there are just too many to count! They're also saying that the firm's turnover is over $1.2b, which we'd say is close to the $1.165b we were saying yesterday, except that it's still a difference of roughly $35m, which isn't exactly chump change. But hey, math is hard!

The firm will have no HQ, and will use a "complex profit-sharing arrangement that accounts for things like local living costs and hours of work" to pay the attorneys at its 49 different offices worldwide. In other words, the Chinese attorneys will get paid less... which would mean they could snag Wal-Mart as a client!

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