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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

DLA Leechs off of Pinsents

DLA has snapped up head of Pinsents' IP practice Marie McMorrow, who is taking senior associate Colin Leech with her. According to DLA's IP head Jeremy Dickerson (who isn't planning on leaving for Pinsents any time soon), "We are confident that along with Colin, another talented IP litigator, Marie will help position the team as one of the leading IP practices in Birmingham." Indeed!

Incidentally, partners at DLA and Piper Rudnick/Gray Cary will be voting this weekend on whether or not to merge. In the meantime, DLA may be looking to merge with Aussie firm Phillips Fox and India's Little & Co.

We're trying to figure out what the new mega-firm will be called. We're hoping for D'Piper G. It has street cred.

DLA expands with senior Pinsents hire
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DLA targets Aussie, Indian link-ups
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