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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bear the facts, assume the dye

CC managing partner Peter Cornell was interviewed in the Times of London on Sunday, and acknowledged "the last two years have been tough," but says "we are working our way through" the "issues" the firm has had "to deal with." (Yes, we completely hacked up Cornell's quote. It flows better our way, even if the sentence ends in a preposition.)

Best part of the article: Andrew Davidson saying that CC "prides itself on being the least snooty and most meritocratic of the big City law firms..." Hey, you can't be snooty if you're meritocratic. (Clearly, by not knowing what "meritocratic" means, we're revealing ourselves to be mere Sun readers...)

The Andrew Davidson Interview: Clifford Chance chief lays down the law
by Andrew Davidson
Times of London
As seen in New York Lawyer